Entry-level Oral Board Interviews

  • Development & Administration
  • For general hiring or laterals
  • Candidate orientation materials
  • Rater training

Hiring & Promotional Process Review

  • Determine what’s working and what could be improved
  • Focus on effectiveness, fairness, validity & cost

Other Assessment Services include:

Law Enforcement, Fire Service, Corrections & 911 Communications

360 Peer Review Leadership Survey

  • Based on your Dept’s values, etc.
  • Anonymous
  • Online administration

Custom Written Examinations

  • LE supervision texts
  • Constitutional law
  • OR Statutes
  • Local ordinances
  • Department P&P
  • Contract

Public Safety Assessment Services

Rafilson & Associates, LLC

Department Morale Survey

  • Customized for your Dept
  • Anonymous
  • Online administration

We are nationally recognized experts in the assessment of law enforcement, fire service, corrections, and 911 communications personnel - both for pre-hire and for promotional processes. 

Dr. Rafilson has dedicated much of the last 25 of his 33-year career to public safety testing and assessment. He has served as an expert for the U.S. Department of Justice Employment Litigation Division in police and fire employment testing cases, as an expert for numerous state and municipal public safety agencies.

We can demonstrate the defensibility of our entry-level and promotional processes and ensure that your testing and assessment process can be upheld. In 2009, the United States Supreme Court, in Ricci v. DeStefano, ruled that the City of New Haven was required to use the results of Fire Lieutenant and Captain promotional examinations due to the overwhelming amount of exam validity evidence. This project, led by Dr. Fred Rafilson, helped to cement his reputation as an expert. Our in-depth knowledge and direct association with this landmark ruling enables us to provide unparalleled insight on test validation and fairness issues.

Promotional Panel Interview Process

  • Customized, department-specific job-relevant questions
  • Behaviorally anchored rating scales
  • Candidate orientation materials
  • Rater training

Assessment Center Exercises

  • Written exercises
  • Role-play scenarios
  • Training presentations
  • Community presentations.

​​​​​Psychological Evaluations (Entry-level, Promotional, Fitness for Duty) for Oregon police and fire depts. 

(Our evaluations meet the requirements of the new SB423)

Our psychological evaluations assess a wide variety of traits. There is no single characteristic that will cause a candidate to fail a psychological evaluation – rather it is a combination – or interaction of traits, attitudes, opinions and behaviors. Our psychologists look for a pattern that provides a clear indication of an individual’s suitability for public safety work. Of course, underlying our method is that we have an in-depth understanding of the job duties and responsibilities of these positions, both on a day-to-day basis, as well as in infrequent – yet highly critical situations. The following – in alphabetical order (not in order of importance), are some of the things we look for:

Acceptance of Criticism                                               Adaptability/Flexibility                                        Anger Control
Anti-Social Characteristics                                         Anxiety Level                                                             Assertiveness/ Persuasiveness
Attention to Safety                                                          Communications Skills                                        Conscientiousness
Decision-Making/Judgment                                      Emotional Regulation/Stress Tolerance       Impulse Control
Integrity/Ethics                                                                Mood                                                                              Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD)
Propensity for Substance Alcohol Abuse              Risk-Taking Tendency                                           Self-Confidence
Social Competence                                                          Teamwork

Each evaluation consists of a battery of assessments provided by Clarity Talent Measurement, and an in-depth interview with both an I/O psychologist and an Oregon licensed mental health professional. All assessments are chosen for their validity, reliability, and usefulness for the particular position being assessed.

An in-depth structured interview with a psychologist allows for further understanding of assessment results along with probing each candidate’s own unique life and work history. Interviews often uncover patterns of behavior indicative of success or failure at work and allow a deeper level of understanding of a candidate’s true motivation and attitudes. Some of the themes discussed during the interview phase of the psychological evaluation include:

  • Personal history – including family, friends, school, employment, & military.
  • Detailed discussion of present situation – including family, friends, school, employment, living situation, leisure activities, etc.
  • Attitudes and opinions regarding the profession and particular position applied for.
  • Preparation and motivation to seek this position – including other similar positions applied for.Personal concerns, limitations, strengths, etc.